Thermal imaging cameras for machine vision / industrial safety

In all industries the possibility to automatically ensure quality and to prevent and detect fires is of vital importance. The solution can be a fixed thermal imaging camera that monitors your process or asset continuously, detecting minute temperature differences in a 24/7 manner. This methodology has been implemented in a wide range of industrial automation applications all around the world.

Machine Vision

Many industries can take advantage of implementing an infrared camera that continuously monitors the production. In some cases the data acquired by a thermal imaging camera can be used of improving the production process


Automated Inspection

Problems can occur at any time in a production process. In most cases, it will not be possible to see the problem with the naked eye or to quickly spot potentially harmful temperature variations. Thermal imaging can help with improving quality control which is crucial in practically all production industries.  Read more  

Process control

Assuring quality control, deciding if a product is 100% to specifications, whether it is “good or bad” is just one step. Thermal imaging cameras can help to do this and more. Often thermal imaging cameras provide valuable data about the production process. Production engineers can use these data to improve the entire production process.  Read more  

Industrial Safety

Safety is important in any industry. Accidents need to be avoided and production needs to be running at all times. Thermal imaging cameras can help to ensure a safety and avoid unplanned outages. Apart from production loss there is an even greater danger in many production processes: fire. Thermal imaging can help to detect fires in an extremely early stage. Thermal imaging cameras are also used to detect harmful gas leaks that can lead to explosions.

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Condition monitoring

Condition monitoring is widely used in many industries. Installation need to be monitored in order to avoid costly unplanned outages. Certain processes can not only cause production stops but can bring the lives of people in danger as well. Continuously monitoring certain processes with a thermal imaging camera can help to prevent costly and sometimes dangerous situations.  Read more

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Fire prevention/detection

Fire can destruct an entire premises and storage areas within an extremely short timeframe. The value of the destroyed goods during a fire can be tremendous and the cost of a life that is lost during a fire is impossible to calculate. Statistics show high increase in assets loss due to fire. Thermal imaging can help to prevent fires or detect them in an early stage. Read more

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Continuous Optical Gas Imaging

Thermal imaging cameras can visualize and pinpoint gas leaks without the need to shut down the operation. With an optical gas imaging camera it is easy to continuously scan installations that are in remote areas or in zones that are difficult to access. Continuous monitoring means that you will immediately be informed when a dangerous or costly gas leak appears so that immediate action can be taken. Read more