Integrated Miniature Laser Rangefinder & Target Marker

Miniature Laser Target MarkerFLIR’s Miniature Laser Rangefinder/Target Marker (MLR/TM) is designed for SWAP-sensitive platforms including dismounted soldier hand-held systems, stabilized electro-optical turrets and ground vehicles. Weighing less than three pounds, the MLR/TM contains a laser rangefinder and a fully qualified laser target marker, both with an effective range of 10 km and 50-55 mJ output. Designed as an OEM component, FLIR can customize the design to fit your specific requirements.

FLIR is a leading designer of OEM electro-optical sub-systems for commercial and government applications, such as laser rangefinders, high-power illuminators, pointers, laser target markers and laser beacons.


Model Integrated Miniature Laser Rangefinder & Target Marker
Pulse Energy 50-55 mJ
Native Pulse Codes All Tri-Service Codes, Band I and II
External Trigger in for User-Supplied Codes ~150 μs delay
Beam Divergence 350 μrad
Dimensions 175 x 64 x 58 mm
User Interface RS-232, External trigger input
Power 7 – 32 V
Power Consumption 20-25 W (Depending on marker code)
Operating Temperature Range 0 to 50°C
Mass 1360 g (3 lb.)