Thermal Cameras
for Maritime Applications

Thermal imaging cameras for maritime applications


FLIR Systems markets a full range of thermal imaging cameras for the most demanding marine applications. Our thermal imaging cameras are rapidly finding their way to pleasure craft and yachts, commercial vessels, work boats, fishing boats, cruise ships and many other types of vessels.

FLIR thermal imaging cameras for maritime applications

HM serie   HM serie   BHM serie.png
FLIR MLS-/MS-Series 
  FLIR HM-Series 
  FLIR BHM-Series 
MD-Series   M serie   Voyager
FLIR MD-Series 
  FLIR M-Series 
  Voyager II /
Voyager III
MU Serie        
FLIR MU- / MV-Series


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An approaching “blip” on your radar screen can also mean danger. Thermal imaging allows you to see vessels on the horizon and provides you with decision making capability before it is too late.

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Iceberg detection

Icebergs and floating ice can damage a vessel severely or even sink it. It will however become clearly visible thanks to thermal imaging so that the captain can take appropriate action to avoid a collisions.


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Oil spill detection

A thermal imaging camera is extremely useful for detecting oil spills that are floating on the water. Not only in case of an accident but also when loading or unloading fuel tankers. Oil floating on the water becomes clearly visible on a thermal image.

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Man overboard

Thermal imaging can help to quickly find a person that is floating in the water before hypothermia sets in.

Seeing at night

Captains can use thermal imaging cameras to help them navigate more safely at night.

Shipboard security

Yachts and commercial vessels contain a lot of valuable material that any thief might like to steal. By using a thermal imaging camera you can increase you shipboard security.