FLIR ThermoVision SDK

The FLIR ThermoVision SDK is an ActiveX component that gives Windows Visual Basic/C++ programmers an excellent tool to control access and manipulate image data from FLIR infrared cameras.

The SDK will accelerate any application programming with FLIR Systems infrared cameras. So if you are an end user or a system integrator that wants to build its own system utilizing infrared cameras for an R&D, Automation or Security application, then the FLIR ThermoVision SDK together with FLIR Systems infrared cameras will give you a jump start in your task. The FLIR ThermoVision SDK will allow you to fully exploit the possibilities that modern infrared camera technology offers.

The FLIR ThermoVision SDK provides the functions needed to

  • Set up communications between your application and the FLIR IR camera
  • Capture and gather images via FireWire™ and Ethernet interfaces
  • Adjust the camera configuration parameters and focus as you view a live image
  • Control the camera calibration
  • Send any other camera command to the camera
  • Generate a true temperature image from a 16-bit image acquired from the FireWire™ and Ethernet interfaces
  • Close the communications to the IR camera

Download the FLIR ThermoVision SDK

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