Thermal Imaging for Service Companies

Many commercial enterprises choose to contract with independent service companies to perform periodic thermal inspections of electrical/mechanical equipment rather than develop an internal thermography program. This creates additional opportunities for technicians who include thermal imaging as part of their diagnostic services.

Service Companies

Bolted connection with increased resistance results in heat conducted down the bus bar.

FLIR Feature-Rich IR Cameras

For service companies it’s important to have an infrared solution that can cover a variety of applications and situations. 

FLIR has long-term relationships with many infrared service companies, and offers a full range of cameras flexible enough to fit a full spectrum of applications.

Many service companies have come to realize that high performance cameras that deliver richer image clarity and faster ways to communicate findings actually increase the verification value of their inspection reports, as well as increase word of mouth, better marketing materials overall, and more capacity to take on new customers.

Choose the thermal imaging product that is right for you: