FLIR Handheld Thermal Night Vision Cameras:

Ocean Scout TK | FLIR Marine

FLIR Ocean Scout TK

Marine Thermal Vision

As a thermal imager, the Ocean Scout TK creates images based on heat, not visible light. Vessels, watercraft, buoys, and other obstacles give off heat and appear clearly in all lighting conditions.


Ocean Scout | FLIR Marine

FLIR Ocean Scout

Marine Thermal Handheld Camera

With three Ocean Scout models to choose from and FLIR’s industry-leading thermal sensor technology, Ocean Scout makes your time on the water safer and more relaxing.


FLIR First Mate | FLIR Marine

FLIR First Mate Series

Handheld Thermal Night Vision Cameras

FLIR's First Mate Series provide go-anywhere thermal imaging for clear vision in total darkness and through smoke and light fog. Available in 240 x 180 or 320 x 240 resolutions.