Ranger R3

High Resolution Perimeter Intrusion Detection

The Ranger® R3 is a high resolution radar that accurately detects personnel and vehicles up to 2800 meters in virtually any climate, weather or lighting condition to provide 24/7 security.

The Ranger R3 scans a full 360 degrees every second monitoring over 24 square kilometers (9.6 square miles). Multiple units can be networked in an overlapping array to protect larger areas, like borders. As part of the FLIR wide area surveillance product line, the Ranger R3 may be networked with Ranger R1 and Ranger R2 radars as well as Ranger™ DefendIR cameras to conform to terrain profiles and secure the area outside and inside your perimeter. Since radars excel at detecting intruders, PTZ cameras can focus on their strength – identifying and assessing the threat – for a more efficient and cost effective solution.