Lasers Technology


FLIR is the leading supplier of high-quality laser optical components for high-power and space applications. FLIR also supplies state-of-the-art laser subsystems to the EO/IR industry, and complete laser systems within our own products.

Scientific Materials Corp. (SMC) is a division of FLIR Systems specializing in the growth of high-quality laser crystal technologies used in FLIR’s laser pointer, illuminator, rangefinder and designator payloads.

SMC's primary commercial product is SciMax TM Low Scatter (L.S.) grade Nd:YAG. Other products include Er:YAG, CTH:YAG, YALO, crystal optics as well as special crystals and research. SMC also makes and sells SciMax TM spheroidized alumina, the highest purity commercial grade alumina available on current world markets. Products in other opto-electronic application areas such as optical memories are being developed.

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