Ranger R1

Short-Range Ground Surveillance Radar

The Ranger® R1 ground-based perimeter surveillance and tracking radars have operating ranges of up to 700 meters in any direction. These systems are designed for deployment in multiple arrays with continuous overlapping coverage to monitor or secure larger areas. As part of the FLIR integrated product suite, multiple units may be networked with any or all of the full range of FLIR radars and imagers to secure areas inside and outside a perimeter.

The shorter range versions of the Ranger R1 provide a portable, low cost option for temporary or permanent installations.

Lowest False Alarm Rate in the Industry

The Ranger R1 provides accuracy, ease of operation, and lowest the false alarm rate in the industry, separating it from the competition. The Ranger R1 works in virtually any climate, weather or lighting condition and has been specifically optimized with advanced detection and tracking algorithms for difficult to track intruders in various environments, including over water applications.

As part of the Ranger family of radars, the Ranger R1 works in concert with all of the Ranger family of wide area surveillance radars and imagers.