Video Detection Management Software

Flux is an intelligent software platform for use with a FLIR video detection system. Flux collects traffic data, events, alarms and video images generated by the video detectors. FLUX also offers video management capacity and can control network video recorders, video walls, mobile and fixed cameras.

Manage, control and visualize traffic data and events

Use Flux to manage and control all your traffic information generated by various detectors and to make it useful, meaningful and relevant to your users. Flux provides a user-friendly interface composed of a monitoring and a reporting application and enables real-time monitoring of events and alarms. All event info is automatically documented and visualized in a straightforward way, allowing you to manage each traffic situation efficiently.

Browser-based graphical user interface (GUI)

The client of Flux is a web-based application. This means you only need a web-browser installed on your PC that is connected to the network of the video detection system to access the traffic management system. The Flux application also allows you to make optimal use of a multiple screen workstation in your control room.

Use Flux to:

  • Collect, visualize and store traffic data, events and alarms
  • Present your video detectors graphically, including event alerting and extensive event logging
  • Manage intelligent filters
  • Stream video from multiple cameras simultaneously
  • Record pre- and post-event information instantly