FLIR FC-Series T

FC-Series ITS

Thermal Sensors for Signal Control & Traffic Monitoring

FLIR thermal imaging cameras are commonly integrated in traffic video detection and monitoring solutions. Needing no light at all to produce an image, they can be used for a wide variety of traffic applications.

High image quality

The FLIR FC-Series ITS cameras are equipped with a maintenance-free uncooled microbolometer detector that produces accurate images on which the smallest detail can be seen.

Different lens options

FLIR offers the FC-Series ITS with various lens options. They are available with a 9 mm, 13 mm or 19 mm lens. Longer lenses offer a narrower field of view so that you can see farther.

Easy to install

All FLIR FC-Series ITS thermal imaging cameras can be installed on existing infrastructure.

Designed for use in harsh environments

The FC-Series ITS cameras are extremely rugged systems. Their vital core is well protected, meeting IP66 requirements, against dust and water ingress. They operate between -50°C and +75°C. Perfect for all climates.

Video analytics

Just like all thermal imaging cameras, the FLIR FC series T works perfectly in combination with video analytics. .