FLIR’s thermal imaging cameras prevent serious accidents and infrastructure damage by detecting vehicles that have stopped on railway tracks at level crossings. FLIR’s thermal cameras also detect people on train/metro/tram tracks and platforms in an early stage, so accidents can be avoided.

App - Rail Crossing

Vehicle detection at
railway crossings

FLIR’s thermal imaging cameras can prevent collisions between trains and obstacles at level crossings by detecting if a vehicle stops on the tracks and is blocking the passage for an oncoming train. This way, train or tram operators can be warned for oncoming danger or warning lights can be activated.

App - People on Track Detection

People on track detection

FLIR thermal imaging cameras can detect people on metro, tram or railway tracks. Whether a person just fell from the platform or is deliberately walking on the tracks, FLIR cameras ensure 24/7 detection on tracks or in tunnels regardless of the surrounding illumination.

App - Driver Vision Enhancement

Driver vision enhancement

FLIR’s thermal imaging night vision systems installed onboard trams allow drivers to see clearly in total darkness or in bad weather conditions. Compared to traditional headlights, they offer increased detection of potential hazards, like pedestrians, cars, animals, on the tracks.


Detection and monitoring solutions for public transportation applications:


The World's First Intelligent Thermal Traffic Sensor

ThermiCam is an integrated thermal camera and detector for vehicle and bike detection. ThermiCam does not need light to operate, but uses the thermal energy emitted from vehicles and bicyclists.